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How to fast track your Blockchain Adoption with IBP

Industries have moved past Blockchain 101 and it’s about time for blockchain enterprise adoption to happen at scale.

IBM Blockchain Platform (IBP) helps to establish a Hyperledger network at a click of a button without worrying about cryptogen, peer configuration, orderer management etc.

Webinar recording covers the salient features of IBP and a demo of applications of a B2B consortium of lenders and related organizations.

What’s in it for you?
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Hyperledger 101
  • Why Hyperledger is better for enterprises?
  • IBP Salient Features & Industry use cases
  • Demo - Applications of B2B Consortium of Lenders and Related organizations in IBP

Real - world applications of Blockchain Technology

Why Blockchain is a technology for the future?
  • Blockchain business values
  • Walkthrough of real-world applications and use cases
  • Demonstration of Loan Application DApp

Blockchain can be an Engine of trust enabling the Applicants, the Mortgage Brokers and the Banks who need not necessarily trust each other can work together putting their trust in Blockchain.

Banks can deploy Loan Programs as Smart Contracts laying the foundations for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Blockchain can be used to make and record payments.

Loans themselves be can be Smart contracts with functions in them helping the bank to service the loan and the borrowers to pay monthly payments.

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